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Wild, Food, and Fitness:
Revitalizing Modern Health with Ancestral Wisdom

Revive Your Health: An Ancient Guide to Modern Wellbeing with Remy Vishwakarma's groundbreaking book. Get it for FREE now!

About the Book: 

"Wild, Food, and Fitness: Revitalizing Modern Health with Ancestral Wisdom" embarks on a transformative journey through the nexus of lifestyle, nutrition, and physical fitness. In a world increasingly characterized by sedentary habits and processed foods, this book harks back to our ancestral roots to unearth timeless wisdom. Part I delves into the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, primitive cooking techniques, and the bounty of nature, showcasing how our ancestors' diets and activities sculpted their robust physicality. Part II takes readers on a global culinary voyage, celebrating the diversity of food cultures and their historical evolution. Finally, Part III addresses modern diet dilemmas, the impact of processed foods, and the fusion of ancestral wisdom with contemporary knowledge to guide readers towards holistic wellbeing. "Wild, Food, and Fitness" isn't just a book—it's an inspiring roadmap to rediscover health and vitality by embracing ancestral wisdom in our modern lives.


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Exclusive Offer: Download "Wild, Food, and Fitness: Revitalizing Modern Health with Ancestral Wisdom" FOR FREE today and reclaiming Wellness through Ancestral Wisdom.


What You'll Discover Inside the BOOK

  • Gain insights into ancestral wisdom on nutrition and fitness.

  • Learn how to revitalize your health using age-old practices.

  • Discover the secrets to achieving holistic wellbeing.

  • Harness the power of ancient knowledge in the modern world.

Elderly Woman of a Tribe

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About Author

Remy Vishwakarma

Remy, the author of "Wild, Food, and Fitness: Revitalizing Modern Health with Ancestral Wisdom," is a remarkable individual whose journey from the world of Computer Application to the realm of Fitness is a testament to the power of passion and personal transformation.

Initially armed with a degree in Computer Application, Remy charted a different course when he followed his heart's true calling - Fitness. His story is one of profound personal change. At one point in his life, he grappled with a weight that exceeded 130 kilograms, confronting the physical and emotional challenges that often accompany such a burden.

However, Remy's innate curiosity and unyielding determination led him on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. He embarked on extensive research and explorations into the realms of nutrition, physical fitness, and holistic wellbeing. This voyage not only transformed his physical appearance but also revitalized his mental and emotional health.

Today, Remy stands as a living embodiment of the principles he espouses in his book. His personal journey from struggle to triumph serves as an inspirational beacon for those seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. As a co-founder of Kiran Fitness Studio (KFS), he continues to share his wisdom and passion, guiding others towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Through "Wild, Food, and Fitness," Remy invites readers to embrace ancestral wisdom as a powerful tool to rejuvenate their modern health and embark on their unique path to holistic wellbeing.

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